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Mending and repairs for your woollens

Modern repairs using traditional techniques ....

Whether it's moth damage or just wear and tear, Mend Knits can restore precious sweaters and woollen garments to their former glory.  Holes, damage, split seams and lost buttons can be repaired amd restored with careful mending.

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Repair, revive, renew

The rescue service for woollies ..

We've repaired everything from a well-worn jumper with sentimental importance to a cashmere throw that lost a fight with an over-exuberant kitten.  We can tackle both knitted and woven items as long as they are woollen. 

We know that clothes are more than just something to wear.  Our favourite garments often have important associations and we want to hang on to them for as long as possible but wear and tear and hungry clothes moths can get the better of them.  Mend Knits can restore your precious items so they can bring you many more years of pleasure.

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Whether the repair is invisible or you make a splash with some colourful visible mending is up to you.   Darns are available for both knitted and woven garments. 

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Moth damage

We use a traditional technique and some tricks of our own to reproduce the colour & texture of the original for the best match and a near invisible result even on quite large holes.  However, we always advise that you ask for a no-obligation quote first as it may not be practical or cost effective to restore a very damaged item.

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Holes, split seams, snags, lost buttons, frayed cuffs .... All those annoying little things that can leave a garment languishing at the back of the wardrobe.  We can bring your garment back into the "favourites" pile.

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Maybe a roll neck is too high, or the sleeves or body too long.  Necks can be lowered and refinished.  Sleeves and bodies can be shortened with our cut and graft process, with the original ribbing preserved. 

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Laundry package

All knits need some tlc from time to time to keep dirt and moths at bay.   Our laundering package offers a wash and re-shape by hand and a de-fuzz to restore it to a pristine condition.

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Not just knits ...

It's not just knitwear that's made from wool, and we haven't forgotten about the woven items.  Tweed jackets, suits, throws, scarves etc are all suitable for our repair services.

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