About us

jumper sweater being darned

Catherine Davidson runs Mend Knits as a one-woman enterprise.  After studying Art History and Fashion Design she started an alterations service.  Repairs were one of the things she was often asked about - not offered elsewhere, or only in a very basic way. Her interest in history and textiles fired a curiosity about how people maintained their clothes in days gone by and, through study of old housekeeping manuals, she taught herself various darning and repair techniques.  "A good repair or darn should either be invisible or beautiful."  She added this repertoire to the alterations business and this proved to be popular.  

Mend swims against the current tide of "buy, wear, dump" and encourages people to consider altering or repairing clothes that still have plenty of life in them.   "I found everyone has a favourite jumper that they find warm and comforting, people form an emotional attachment, so an attack of moths is a disaster and they are keen to have them mended if at all possible."  Wool, because of its particular properties, is hardwearing and resilient and ideally suited for repairing through darning.

Catherine is keen to share her enthusiasm for traditional mending and is always happy to talk through different approaches or special projects.

Mend has the skills to bring new life to old clothes.

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